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Created 18-Feb-15
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Images are available through the Artist only. At $110 per print they are sure to go fast, so order early. This is a limited collection of 200 prints per image . The Image will be approximately 10"*15" (image size may vary), while the sheet will be 16"*20" . Each image will be printed on Archival True Black and White paper, Signed by Artist , and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity. Color versions of images continue to be open editions. Contact Artist for ordering information or questions.
Tuna(prickly pear)1507_untitled_0041507_untitled_0290910_Ballet Dancers0910_K-R_Wildflower_052Gerenium_011Morning Dew 002Morning DewPlumeria_001Rose_656Spring PetalsStand tall

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Keywords:Black and White, Cactus, Fine Art, Flora, Geranium, Rose, flower, monochrome