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It is my intent to keep this page fresh and up-to-date with content at least once a week.  At this point , I am not sure just how this will evolve, sometimes it will have new content , other times I will take a trip down memory lane. So if you have any questions regarding photography, please let me know. I may respond here your questions.   In the meantime , enjoy.


5th FloorBici Polo

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                                                                                               5th Floor BiciPolo Of Fresno,  

                Is a motley group of individuals that have come together for the enjoyment of sport. I have been involved with the group for a bout 8 months, in that time the group has varied from week to week and month to month. Although, there is a consistent core of about 5-10 players, what draws me is that inclusion is very much part of the club. The invite goes out on Mondays and Thursdays, everyone is welcome to play or watch, from teens on their bmx bikes to seasoned riders on road bikes, or even drive up to the court , plenty of parking available.

              Polo can be very fast and accidents do happen form time to time, so protective gear is highly encouraged, but not enforced. It is not unusual to see road burns, scrapes and an occasional fracture, noting serious during my tenure. The group is highly competitive, but after crashes and accidents play may stop and confirmation of player well-being will occur before resuming play. Sportsmanship is not always easy, but the group does an excellent work of self policing.

             5th Floor BiciPolo of Fresno and Fresno Bike Polo are more than just polo players. Polo is a community, part of the larger bicycling community of Downtown Fresno, Tower Distric and Generally Fresno as a whole. Players, Spectators and friends organize and join cycling events  like Critical Mass at the end of every month, BikeHop during Arthop. TacoTuesday, and many other community based cycling events. Participate in local cycling events, as athletes, organizers, volunteers, and supporters. Support their friends and cycling buddies whether its a cycling, running event or other sporting event. If you see a cyclist on the road, please be mindful and share the road. He\she  may be commuting to and from work, enjoy a leisurely ride through town, training for their next event, be part of a community ride like BikeHop.

           Lastly, it has been my pleasure to have been part of this polo group for the last 8 to 12 months. From the night that I was invited to snap some pictures about a year ago to now being part of the Polo experience. 

Ruiz-Ortega Blog

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Although , I had already been shooting film for a few years, this Rose image is my first ever digital capture. It was shot at my parents front  yard, soon after opening the box.  Not much had been done to it, since at the time , I had no idea how to use Photoshop or any other program. Rose_656Rose_656 From time to time , I return to this image because it reminds me of why I love photography. Today like in those days , I want to record memories .

I know what does a snail have to do with memories?   

Well, meet Jerry. At the time my youngest daughther was about 3-4 years old. She loved SpongeBob and it was a few years later that I realized that Gary was SpongeBob's pet snail. This little guy was in our yard and sure enough , it became our house pet. We got a little Pet Carrier for him. He was around for about 2 weeks. Not sure what happened to him. Sometimes we even recount the Great Scape, but that is another story.   IMG_0408IMG_0408© Ruiz-Ortega _MG_5192_MG_5192© Ruiz-Ortega So it is about telling stories, recounting stories , and most importantly sharing memories. So whether we reminisce about our children or an event , even small things like a snail named Jerry or a teddy bear can bring back rich memories, enjoy. _MG_5197 copy_MG_5197 copy© Ruiz-Ortega UP next, LosNoTown a BiciPolo Story

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